Ahme is ceremony. Through music we invite you to quiet your mind, soften your gaze and open your hearts. Founders Miguel Medina and Jason O’Neill-Butler offer their healing music through improvisation of hand pans, Native American flutes, silver flute, digeridoo, drums and singing.


    Miguel and Jason's first connection was forged through The Grateful Dead in the early nineties on the east coast. Twenty five years later, what a surprise it was to find out that their lives had been traveling in tandem in the Pacific Northwest West. Upon their reunion, they realized that they had a genuine musical kinship.

    The duo brings an eclectic and captivating performance that has many layers. Miguel integrates his twenty years of spiritual knowledge and practices, to their performance through conversation, lyrics and ritual. The intent of A.H.M.E - a healing musical experience, is to create a unique musical dialog that allows us to get honest and vulnerable with each other, creating a vessel for participants to release, connect, and be in bliss.